With These In Mind, Choosing The Right Curtain Is Easy

- Dec 20, 2019-

The color matching of curtains needs to echo the wall floor, and it must have a sense of layering with the wall. The color of the curtains and the wall cannot be the same. The light blue wall has dark blue curtains; the light gray wall has dark gray curtains; the darker the wall, the lighter the shades are. Department, also need to adjust with different brightness.

The floor is floor. The color of the whole space is warm or light, so the curtains can be earthy. The earth color is better matched, there is no serious color bias. The color of the space is relatively small, so you can use the same color or the same color as the soft decoration (bed linen quilt in the bedroom; sofa in the living room, etc.), which will make the whole space more holistic.

The curtains are usually double-layered. During the daytime, you can only use the inner layer of screens to ensure privacy. But if you want to take a nap, you need to close the curtains. Such a combination of curtains can fully guarantee privacy, and protect privacy during the daytime without delaying the sunlight. Whether the screen is day or night, plus the effect of the breeze floating, a proper romantic atmosphere!

Cotton and linen curtains in the living room and bedroom are more suitable and easier to wash. Linen and cotton will give people a calm and calm feeling, and it will be better to create a warm and stylish space. The size of the curtains is generally calculated by double the window width. This is also to make the curtains look better after being folded. The size of the folds depends on the budget.